Hosim RC Truck Review

The Hosim RC Truck’s dimensions are 12.6 by 10.2 by 5.5 inches. Its weight is about 4.1 lbs. while the shipping weight is about 4.1 lbs. as well.

For the power source, you may use a Li-ion 800 mAh 9.6 Volt battery. The product needs to use 2 1.5 Volt AA batteries to function. For this particular product package, the charger is also included. This means that you need not worry about getting a new battery once the power source for this product runs out of energy. Unfortunately, the batteries are not included in the initial package so you have to purchase them separately.

The following are the contents of the package once you receive them at your doorstep:

  • Hobby model truck, including the price of the toy
  • Steering servos or wheel
  • Ball bearing
  • 2.4 Giga Hertz transmitter (batteries are not included)
  • User manual
  • 800 Li-ion-Fe MA for the unit itself
  • Super sport rear wheel drive
  • Sponge inserts and rubber tires
  • Radio system

This product is only recommended for children who are 14 years old and older. This is because there are a lot of small parts that may cause choking in younger children. As of this moment, it only comes in color blue.

Features that Make It Stand Out
The Hosim RC Truck possesses a strong 390 motor GP brush and a 2.4-Gigahertz radio system to help improve its mileage and ability to receive signals from the remote control. It also has an S-Truck suspension system to maximize your control and handling on the vehicle.

The remote control system can help the main product cover a distance of about 100 meters. The Hosim RC Truck has a top speed of more than 35 miles per hour. On the other hand, its average speed is about 45 kilometers per hour. Compared to other similar brands in the market, this is a wide range that a remote control radio signal can take a powered product.

It is endowed with an S-Truck suspension system to help maximize your control and handling of the truck. To help prevent damage to the product, this is also equipped with an overheating protection system. This ensures that the batteries will utilize a low voltage and proper discharge of electricity. In the long run, this will help promote a longer performance life for the product.

Aside from these, the product has a large soft compound RC that is off road tread. The charger and the tower front shock batteries are also made of aluminum to further promote durability. With these features readily available, you can rest assured that this product is especially designed for any type of monster truck enthusiast.

Hosim Truck Reviews
The children of the customers who bought this product reported that the truck runs incredibly fast. Initially, one of the customers encountered a mechanically related problem when it came to the controller, the bracket mount breaking, and the shell itself when they had the truck working. Fortunately, the company was quick to provide them with replacements as soon as they relayed the problem. The best part was that they replacement parts are all free of charge.

The rest of the clients even broke down the advantages that they experienced when they purchased and used the product. Some of them include the following:

  • The Hosim RC Truck is very much heavy duty. Some of them experienced having the vehicle bump on solid surfaces while some even expected their products to break on the spot. Fortunately, there was no damage on the product even after they experienced the same thing multiple times.
  • The range of surfaces where you can use the truck is wide. Some of the surfaces that the truck effectively negotiated included snow and sand. None of the customers experienced having problems with the products while using them on other similar surfaces, more so when they used them on flat and even terrain.
  • As for the range, the remote control and the truck duo is a good combination. Some of the clients have used the product within a 200 feet range and encountered no problems with that. Some of them event tested it within a range of 300 feet and still found the product to be perfectly working.

Because most of them generally enjoyed using the product and continue to use it, they even provided tips for those who are planning to purchase the product online. As much as possible, they recommend the other enthusiasts to use the product outside as the power of the toy’s machine is too powerful for indoor games. As for the parts, there would be no problem looking for spares because there are numerous companies that sell out spare and authentic parts. This leads to the possibility of having your own unit modified to your own preferences.

Some of the customers who have already purchased this product warned other people about other sellers distributing fake Hosim RC Truck products. The original manufacturer of the product never authorized them to sell these trucks. If you did not buy the product from the manufacturer, there is a probability that you will receive a product of low quality. In case you purchased the product from the original seller and received the actual order from a different seller, do not hesitate to make a report for the fake product so you can get a full refund in return.

Hosim RC Truck: A Product Full of Potential
This product is meant to be used by different types of truck enthusiasts. Even if you are just beginning your collection, you can truly enjoy having this product in your hands. The user-friendly controls ensure that you will never go wrong in manipulating the unit using the remote control that comes with it. The device also ensures a longer battery life so you can rest assured that you can use the truck for longer periods than brands similar to it.

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