Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone

Read This Review Before Spending Money On Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone
From Nerf Combat Creatures comes a new specimen. A spider. Class Arachnida… Terradrone… sure sounds like something from a Tom Clancy Op Center book. This is the new cyborg killer that is causing ripples in the consumer electronics market. And the good thing is that it is small enough to fit on your desk or table. You will have fun throwing, no, firing darts from this crawler, crab-walker, black and orange spider. All of the reviews posted on the internet say that this is the ultimate battle robot, and that it can move forward, backward, sideways and so on, on its spidery legs. You just have to command it to go into the Nerf strike zone and start firing darts from all angles, from all sides and from a head that rotates all around – 360 degrees. Does combat, non-character gaming come any better than this?

It comes with six legs and therefore it really does not qualify to be called a spider since arachnids have eight legs, but then, that is what everyone is calling it. This is the ultimate battle toy to have in the house, just load it up with the blue darts and sooner than you know it, you will have yourself a creature that will be shooting darts all over the room, up to 30 feet.

If you love Nerf toys, then you know that the abovementioned qualities and features are not enough to make a great battle drone. Well, you are right and from this Nerf Terradrone review, you will see that this awesome toys comes with many more features.

Features of the Nerf Terradrone

  1. Weighs 3.5 pounds/1.5 kg
  2. Measures 4 by 12.8 by 14 inches/16 by 32 by 35 cm
  3. It is remote controlled. Therefore, for Nerf Combat lovers who like to shoot darts at their enemies in surprise, despite the buzzing noise, this is the ultimate battle drone. Fast killer. Popping the darts at any direction that the head turns and catching your opponent unawares is definitely fun.
  4. It is sold with a hand-held controller which has buttons for directions. Even if you are a newbie Nerf Combat player, you do not need to take too much time to study how this drone works, but you can just get into it and start shooting straightaway since the directions for forward, backward, sideways and so on are clearly indicated, just the same way that you would use a TV remote, or even an old Super Nintendo controller. There are also directions for changing the firing angle of the darts. Just position the launcher any way that you want and blast from any angle with the 2.4 GHz controller.
  5. It is sold with a manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months.
  6. The manufacturer says that the dart launcher can do up to 45 feet. Remember this is rapid fire blasts with darts following each other. The launcher can hold 12 darts at a go.
  7. You will need six batteries to start operating the Nerf Combat Creatures drone. 2 AA 1.5 volt batteries for the 2.4 GHz Controller and 4 AA 1.5 batteries for the robot. Remember, these batteries are not included in the package that will be delivered to you when you buy. You have to buy them separately.
  8. It has six legs and can move in different directions including forward, backward, left and right.
  9. The dart launcher rotates all round. Some say that it rotates at 320 degrees, but the most popular opinion is that it rotates at 360 degrees.
  10. It makes a low buzzing sound when it starts moving. However, this low noise is not harmful to the ears.
  11. It takes just a few minutes to assemble. It will come with a small Phillips screwdriver for fixing the batteries.
  12. It is called an all-terrain drone because it can move on rough places. However, this is a small toy and it can just manage terrains and bumps that are not over one inch high.

It is sold unassembled. That means you will have to assemble it but not to worry since that is so easy. In the box, you will find instructions which are so easy to follow with just a glance.

Snap the yellow legs onto the gray ends and make sure they fit snugly. Now take the head of the drone and put it on. It will fit on top of the gray leg base. As it fits on, there will be no click sound or anything, but it will be secure. Take your drum and load it with 12 darts, fit it on the head and you are just about ready to start warring.

The drone is battery-powered; therefore, you will have to fix the batteries. That should be very easy. You will find a compartment that is indicated for batteries. Unscrew it and insert your batteries, 4 of them and then insert the rest two batteries in the controller. You are finished getting your Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone ready for battle.

Now, you have to sync the drone with the controller. That should be easy. Switch on the Terradrone and then press the syncing button. Now turn on the controller but make sure you are holding the firing button, until the Terradrone begins to move. There … it is now synced.


  • It can shoot while moving
  • Head can tilt to a 45-degree angle
  • Easy to assemble, sync and use
  • Has been ascertained to shoot darts up to 30 feet
  • Good for scaring your cat, get a hearty laugh
  • Can climb over cables, carpets and other small bumps as long as they are under an inch high


  • The Nerf Terradrone is noisy. It is hard to sneak up on your cat or your child.
  • It does not collect the fired darts for you.
  • Some people say you have to be near the drone to remote-control it

Our verdict
The Nerf Combat Creatures Terradrone is an ideal toy for children aged 8 to 12 years, but then, anyone can play with it. It is easy to set up and basically, it does what the manufacturer says it can do. Therefore, if you would like to buy it or your kids or for yourself, go ahead without any hesitation. You will get good value for your money.

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