Syma X5C Quadcopter

For the past few years, drones have been simply known as toys and as units that can take photographs from an aerial point of view. However, various groups have already discovered various uses for these interesting gadgets. For one thing, they have already been used as a way to improve various search and rescue operations. This is especially useful for areas that are not readily accessible by large aircrafts. Aside from this, drones have been used for terrain exploration, disease prevention, construction services, deliveries, and mining, among others. In this Syma X5C Quadcopter review, you will learn more what makes this quadcopter a special product that you can easily gain access to.

Syma’s Basic Specifications

Syma X5C Quadcopter’s Item model number is X5C-W. Its dimensions are 16.5 by 12.2 by 3.8 inches. It weighs around 2.1 lbs. As for the shipping weight, it is around 1.8 pounds. That includes all of the components for a single package. This is only recommended for people who are 14 years old or older.

The contents of the package that you will receive upon ordering should include the following:

  • 1 user manual
  • 1 500 mAh 3.7 volt LiPO battery
  • 1 screwdriver
  • 2 pieces of landing skids
  • 4 pieces of protection frames
  • 4 pieces of rotating blades
  • 1 USB charging cable
  • 1 2.4G of remote control system
  • 1 unit of Syma X5C Quadcopter, RC variation

Some of the other accessories for the quadcopter to work properly are 4 pieces of spare propellers, a 3.7 volt battery, 4 pieces of blade guards, and a 2 Gb memory card.

The total charging time for this product takes about 1 hour and 40 minutes. As for the operating time, it takes around 7 minutes to fly the unit without any interruptions. To help promote anti-interference and remote distance features of the quadcopter and the 2.4 Giga Hertz remote control, the unit has also been equipped with spread spectrum technology.

Factors that Make the Product Stand Out

One of the major factors that make this product stand out from the rest is its controllable range. You may manipulate the quadcopter within a distance of about 3-5 miles. Among the available quadcopters in the market, this is considered as one of the largest values that make the customers eventually purchase this.

As for the live feed, the unit stands out from the rest because most of the other units still do not have this feature. You may receive the feed through your smartphone or your personal computer. If your main goal is to record or stream video clips for real estate or social gatherings, you have to greatly consider this factor as one of the most important ones.

Syma also offers great speed and flight height. While this will mostly depend on your personal preference, this may still be tailored to help meet your specific needs. Fortunately, this product can offer you both of these features while flying through an altitude of 100 to 300 feet above ground. As for the speed, this will go for about 10 to 15 miles in an hour. This is sufficient to help you deal with most types of recording functions.

In terms of design, you can never go wrong with this quadcopter. With its modular design, you can rest assured that the unit can be easily manipulated. This design also ensures that you will have enough balance and control while in mid-air. In relation to these, the manufacturers also greatly considered dimensions and weight to further improve the quality of the quadcopter’s flight. If you prefer an extremely smooth flight, this will be the right model for you because of its lightweight yet slick design.

Its Features and Other Interesting Attributes

As of this moment, the Syma X5C Quadcopter ranks 45 among the top 100 famous toys and games in Amazon. This also ranks as the first among the remote-controlled toys and vehicles in this same site. The product’s quality and innovation are among the traits that make this famous among the crowd that purchases this.

This quadcopter has a Gyro stabilization system with 6 axes. Because there are various axes that help balance the unit while flying, this will help the quadcopter have more flexibility and stability while it is operating. As a result, this feature helps the unit obtain better image and video clip results when recording or streaming data. To further make the unit stable and flexible, it has been designed to withstand strong wind. It can also be flown outdoors or indoors, depending on your current need.

Syma X5C has also been designed with skids to help promote the product’s potential while providing ease of assembly and level of convenience. These skids are individually crafted into discrete and scalable modules and are constructed using rigid materials to prevent wear and tear.

These partitions are also helpful in maintaining an eversion of 360 degrees and functions that involve throwing flights. These two maneuvers are essential when you have to manipulate the unit to avoid obstacles and to fit the product into narrow spaces while flying.

The quadcopter is equipped with a right and left hand throttle mode and a high definition camera. You may use the 2 in 1 transmitter to change the modes if you need to. While this may be a bit difficult for first time users, you will eventually get the hang of it if you regularly practice using it. For this unit to work, you will need to insert one lithium ion battery into the proper compartment.

It also comes with a warranty. In case the delivered quadcopter is found to be defective, you should not hesitate to inform the distributor regarding this. The report should be submitted to the company within 30 days from the time you placed your order. If the product is found to be defective due to manufacturing issues, you will receive a similar working unit. In this case, no refunds will be given but just an exchange of the bought product. For other information regarding the product warranty, you have to check out the written policies included in the delivered package.

What the Customers Have to Say

According to the customers who have already tried this product, this is good enough as far as the actual resolution of the recorded videos are concerned. While these are not as clear as the video recordings that you can see in different cinemas, the resulting images are clear enough if you are after images with satisfactory quality. In relation to this, some users experienced having shaky recordings after using the device. However, this will not be a major problem once you get used to operating the quadcopter.

Some of the other consumers who bought the product absolutely loved the ease in using it for their planned activities. Compared to most of the other similar quadcopters that are out in the market, this is more user-friendly and economical.

This is also lightweight so they did not have to subject the quadcopter to UAS registration. In the long run, most of them found this really helpful as they did not have to spend additional time before they can actually use the product. On the other hand, some of them still prefer having the registration for the device to make sure that they are not violating any rules.

For both of these cases, it would be best to check the laws in your immediate vicinity to determine if registration is considered a requirement. Moreover, for places that needs drone registration, it will be helpful to determine the specific requirements and compare those with the specifications of the product to see if there is really a need for registration.

It is also helpful for the part of the customers to know that even if they fly the same type of quadcopter unit nearby, these quadcopters will not interfere with each other, as far as operations and maneuvers are concerned. Only the person holding the control system will be able to manipulate the respective device. This effect (or lack thereof) is due to the anti-interference feature that each unit has uniquely installed in its system.

As for the “carrying capacity” of the drone, the clients reported that this can carry as much as an ounce per go. This means that if you want to attack a camera that is slightly heavier than this maximum capacity, you may have to remove the camera that comes with the quadcopter and attach your preferred device on the flying unit instead. Based from all the given client feedback, this product received a rating of 4.1 out of 5 stars overall.

Syma X5C Quadcopter: A Promising Unit

Even if you are not currently staying in United States, you can still avail the item if your country is among the select countries outside the US. You may check the official vending website to see if your country is among those that are eligible for international shipping of this product.

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